Condensing Unit Cover



Ready for winter? With our high-quality furniture and outdoor utility covers, you soon will be. Our 4-gauge vinyl condensing unit cover will keep your exterior outdoor A/C unit in top shape throughout the winter months, or when it is not in use. Easy to use and highly effective, our condensing unit cover works hard to keep the elements from taking a toll on your A/C's outdoor condensing unit. Our green condensing unit cover is available in four sizes: small, medium, large and round. It ties snugly with a nylon cord to keep it in place, even in high winds.

This cover helps prevent damage, rust, dirt and other environmental hazards from affecting your unit, prolonging the life of your outdoor unit. It also prevents rodents from making a home inside your unit over the winter season. Protect your investments with our outdoor covers for many different kinds of outdoor cover needs with covers from Miles Kimball.

  • Condensing unit cover
  • Available in small, medium, large and round
  • Small: 33" long x 27" wide x 27" high
  • Medium: 42" long x 27" wide x 27" high
  • Large: 53" long x 27" wide x 27" high
  • Round: 27" high x 34" diameter
  • Prevents rust, dust, dirt and protects unit from wear
  • Heavy 4-gauge vinyl
  • Green
  • Ties snugly with nylon cord (included)
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