Compact Swivel Stool



Experience effortless mobility in your shower with our compact Swivel Shower Stool. Designed to pivot a full 360°, this innovative stool ensures easy entry and exit from the shower while providing the freedom of movement necessary for lathering, rinsing, and reaching—no painful twisting or bending required.

The swivel chair for showers is designed thoughtfully—it rotates in unison with your body movements. This reduces awkward motions that can strain back and shoulder muscles thereby offering an optimal bathing experience especially beneficial to those recovering from surgery or dealing with stiff joints and achy muscles.

Crafted from sturdy plastic material capable of supporting up to 300 lbs., this bath chair for seniors is a safe addition to most walk-in showers and tubs. The robust seat measures 14" dia.—a size comfortable enough without taking too much space.

Featuring four strong aluminum legs which are adjustable—from a height of 16" up to 20½"—this versatile stool allows smooth transition from standing position to sitting one effortlessly enhancing safety during bathroom routines.

But there's more! Our Swivel Shower Stool also comes equipped with a handy lower shelf—perfect place for keeping all your bathing essentials within arm’s reach ensuring you never have stretch uncomfortably again during showers!

Easy assembly ensures quick set-up so you can start enjoying safer, more convenient baths immediately. Enhance your independence today by investing in our durable Swivel Shower Stool—a thoughtful solution designed keeping comfort at forefront!

  • Fits walk-in showers or tubs
  • Adjust the aluminum legs from 16 to 20.5 inches high
  • Supports up to 300 pounds
  • Simple assembly required
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