Collapsible Rolling Tote


This blue daisy Collapsible Rolling Tote is so sweet and stylish, you'd never guess the back-saving lengths it goes to! As a shoulder tote, its durable oxford fabric with zip pocket, adjustable shoulder straps and water-resistant lining is a versatile carry-all perfect for all your shopping needs. Simply unzip and it instantly expands to a rolling tote with durable folding wheels, a structured bottom and 2 supports—helping you haul up to 30 lbs. of groceries, library books or travel essentials. Two top snaps secure your stash, and the shoulder straps adjust for maximum comfort. Rolling tote bag folds flat when not in use. tote Bat measures 19" wide x 15" high x 5" deep when compact, 23" high when expanded.
  • Durable oxford fabric tote
  • 19" wide x 15" high x 5" deep when compact, 23" high when expanded
  • Unzips to expand to a rolling tote with 2 durable folding wheels
  • Holds up to 30 lbs. of items
  • Shoulder straps adjust for maximum comfort
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