Clear Water Filtration Pitcher by Home Marketplace


Pour yourself a healthy, delicious pitcher of water from your own kitchen sink with the Clear Water Filtration Pitcher by Home Marketplace. Eliminating the waste and expense of bottled water, the large capacity 32-oz. pitcher uses a 4-stage ionic filtration system to remove harmful contaminants from tap water—helping you and your family stay hydrated, deliciously! Step 1 features a micro net to eliminate suspended particles. Step 2 features ion-exchange resin to remove heavy metals like lead, camium, copper, mercury and aluminum while eliminating lime scale and retaining calcium magnesium and mineral substance. Step 3 has a silver-activated carbon to remove chlorine taste and unpleasant odor, helping avoid bacteria to improve the taste of your water. Step 4 utilizes a micro net at the base to provide the final stage of filtration. The water purifier's streamlined design fits easily in most refrigerators, and features a large easy-to-hold handle and pouring spout for easy serving. The water filter pitcher includes an easy-to-install replacement filter with silicone tabs for easy opening. A changeable date counter on top makes it easy to track when a filter replacement is needed. Polypropylene; hand wash.
  • 32-oz. capacity
  • 4-stage ionic filtration system
  • Streamlined design fits easily in most refrigerators
  • Includes an easy-to-install replacement filter
  • Polypropylene construction
  • Hand wash
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