Cleaning Sponges - Set of 50



This 50 Pc Sponge Set is a household essential, designed to tackle all your cleaning tasks with ease. Say goodbye to tough stains and welcome sparkling cleanliness as these versatile sponges for dishes make light work of even the most stubborn grime. The ample quantity ensures you'll always have one at hand, whether you're scrubbing pots after a family feast or wiping down countertops during your daily clean-up routine.

Not just confined to the kitchen, these kitchen sponges boast an array of uses throughout the home. From bathroom tiles to garden furniture, their durable construction means they can take on multiple surfaces without falling apart. This makes them ideal companions for any cleaning endeavor.

The set's variety accommodates different cleaning needs—some offering gentle care perfect for delicate china while others provide abrasive action necessary for baked-on messes. As multipurpose tools, they serve not only as sponges for dishes but also excel in dusting duties and washing up chores beyond the sink.

Hygiene is paramount in any cleaning toolkit; this collection features quick-drying materials that resist odors and discourage bacterial growth—promoting a healthier environment within your abode. Embrace simplicity and efficiency with this expansive set of sponges; it’s truly an investment towards maintaining pristine spaces effortlessly.

  • 50-count set of sponges
  • Can be used as one-time use sponges or for multiple uses if dried between uses
  • Each small packaged sponge measures 3 1/4" long x 2" wide x 1" high
  • Dual sides: One side offers gentle cleaning, the other side offers heavy-duty cleaning power
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