Christmastime Christmas Card Set of 20


Inside text: There's a special joy at Christmastime that touches every heart, reminding us how much we care, whether near or far apart…There's a special warmth at Christmastime we feel for family and friends, filling us with a sense of joy that truly never ends. Merry Christmas

Look back fondly on Christmases past with the image of an old-fashioned town square scene on the front of this set of personalized Christmas cards. The lovely artwork includes a decorated Christmas tree as well as twinkling lights and candle-lit windows that bespeak warmth and simplicity. Help everyone on your holiday list remember the Christmases of years past with this lovely greeting card.

Front text: Merry Christmas

Transport yourself to the enchanting days of yesteryears with our captivating collection of old-fashioned Christmas cards available exclusively at Miles Kimball. As you browse through the Christmastime Christmas Card Set of 20, you'll embark on a journey down memory lane, reliving the charm and nostalgia of bygone eras.

These cards go beyond being mere paper; they're like a glimpse into a simpler era where heartfelt words held immense meaning.Each card is a little masterpiece, meticulously designed to evoke emotions and memories that are etched in the hearts of generations.

Immerse yourself in the beauty of classic holiday scenes that capture the essence of a picturesque winter wonderland. These cards transport you to snow-covered streets adorned with twinkling lights, cozy cottages with friends gathering around the town Christmas tree. They encapsulate the magic of Christmases gone by, inviting you to experience the warmth and joy that radiated during those times.

Inside each card, the magic continues. You'll find heartfelt messages that mirror the sentiments of the past – the sense of togetherness, the importance of family, and the simple yet profound joy of the season. With every word, you're reminded that some things remain timeless, like the bonds that connect us and the spirit of giving that never fades.

Sending these old-fashioned Christmas cards isn't just a tradition; it's a heartfelt way to honor the joy, love, and connections of the past. It's like a time-traveling gesture that makes your loved ones feel cherished, just like people did when they wrote their feelings on paper back in the day.

Personalize the back of the envelope for an additional $1.99, or personalize the front of the envelope with design for an additional $2.99.

  • Nostalgic Greeting – Look back fondly on Christmases past with the image of an old-fashioned town square scene on the front of this set of Christmas greeting cards
  • Artfully Designed – Featuring twinkling lights and windows aglow that convey the warmth and simplicity of a bygone era, helping everyone on your list fondly recall their own holiday memories
  • Premium Quality – Filled with a heart-warming Christmas sentiment, this premium glossy card stock single folds to 4 ½ inches x 6 ¼ inches
  • Value Set – Set of 20 cards lets you share Christmas wishes with your family, friends and neighbors both near and far, value set includes 20 coordinating envelopes, making it easy for you to prepare and send out your holiday greetings
  • Customized – Let us save you time and money this holiday season with the option to personalize your greeting cards
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