Chickadee Egg Yolk Separator



Looking for one of the best kitchen gadgets to have on hand? Look no further than our ceramic Chickadee Egg Yolk/Egg White Separator. Separating eggs is no longer a messy venture, thanks to this smart little egg yolk/egg white separator. Simply crack a raw egg into this fun egg separator and pour out the egg white through its beak. The intact yolk is contained behind inside this charming chickadee’s belly. When you’re needing to quickly separate egg whites from yolks without the mess or hassle, this ceramic egg separator is a fantastic little tool. Whether you’re baking cakes, making custards, whipping up some meringue, creating homemade sauces or mayonnaise, this little egg yolk/egg white separator is one of the best kitchen tools to have in your kitchen utensil drawer. Best of all, this cute chickadee egg yolk remover is sweet enough to display when it is not in use. This ceramic egg yolk and egg white separator is a great addition to your kitchen; it is also a great gift to give to someone who does a lot of baking.

  • Chickadee Egg Yolk/Egg White Separator
  • Easy to use: Crack a raw egg into the egg yolk separator and pour the white through the beak, leaving the whole yolk contained behind
  • Quickly and easily separates egg yolks from egg whites for your baking needs
  • Hand-painted ceramic chickadee design is ideal for display when not in use
  • Hand wash
  • 3" wide x 3" tall x 2 3/4" diameter
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