Bread Keeper



Preserve the freshness and flavor of your favorite loaves with this convenient Bread Keeper, an indispensable addition to any kitchen. Say farewell to stale bread and crushed buns, as this plastic bread container provides a secure environment that maintains optimal humidity levels for your baked goods.

The transparent design of the bread keeper allows you to easily identify its contents without having to open it, saving time and keeping your bread fresher longer. The durable construction is designed not just for storing but also for traveling; take fresh rolls or baguettes to picnics or potlucks without worry.

Its sturdy locking clips seal in taste while warding off air exposure and moisture—enemies of bakery-fresh taste. And because it's made from high-quality plastic, cleaning up crumbs or spills is hassle-free: simply rinse out the container when needed.

Embrace practicality without sacrificing quality with this essential Bread Keeper—a must-have that keeps indulgence at hand long after the bakery visit has ended.

  • Durable plastic construction
  • Bread keeper's secure lid keeps food fresh
  • 12" long x 5 1/2" wide x 5" high
  • Accommodates most standard and wide loaves of bread
  • Dishwasher-safe
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