Birds & Wildlife Galore Plant Mix


If you're looking to attract critters or provide protection for your property, this Birds & Wildlife Galore Plant Mix can do it all. Showy flowers, stunning fruit, winter color, privacy screens and windbreak protection! When properly planted, they will reduce topsoil erosion and provide forage, nesting, and winter habitat for all kinds of birds and animals. Turn your yard or acreage into a naturally balanced ecosystem! You're sure to enjoy these plants for a lifetime. This collection of garden plants includes Serviceberry, Sweet Shrub, Nanking Cherry, and Red Twig Dogwood. Includes planting instructions. Grows best in USDA Hardiness Zones 4-8. Perennial life cycle, blooms up to 12"-18" high in late spring to late summer. Plant in partial shade to full sun for best results.
  • Includes 3 dormant bare root plants and planting instructions
  • USDA Hardiness Zones: 4-8
  • Plant grows up to 12"-18" high
  • Perennial life cycle, blooms in late spring to late summer
  • Plant in partial shade to full sun for best results
  • Sourced by DeGroot
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