Bird Seed Scoop and Dispenser


With a large scoop on one end, a seed spout on the other end and a stopper/release switch for ultimate control, this Bird Seed Scoop and Dispenser makes filling and refilling bird feeders quick, neat and easy! Ergonomically designed so it's easy on your hands, the bird food scoop takes the strain and potential spills out of refilling your outdoor feeders. The bird seed dispenser's unique seed stopper feature keeps seeds securely contained when you push it in … then releases them when you easily pull it away. The narrow handle seed spout even makes filling tubular bird feeders quick and easy, and this unique tool holds up to 1.6 lbs. of seeds to keep your feathered friends nourished, so they keep coming back. Also great for pet food scooping, it's designed in durable, 100% plastic. Bird seed scoop funnel measures 4 1/3" long x 11 2/3" high overall.
This item is not eligible for additional discounts at the order level.
  • 100% plastic
  • 4 1/3" long x 11 2/3" high overall
  • Holds up to 1.6 lbs. of bird seed
  • Features a large scoop on one end and an easy-to-use seed spout on the other end
  • Stopper/release switch allows for ultimate control
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