Battery-Powered Engraver Tool


This Battery-Powered Engraver Tool engraves nearly any surface in seconds—working as easily as a ballpoint pen on wood, metal, plastic, glass and more. Add your own personalized touch to gifts, or use the cordless engraving tool for DIY crafting and adding permanent identification details to keepsakes and valuables. The simple, no-frills design is perfect for beginners or veteran crafters, and the ergonomic grip with easy push-button operation makes it simple and comfortable to use. The custom engraving pen requires 2 AA batteries (not included) and measures approx. 7" long x 1 1/4" wide.
  • Metal, plastic
  • Approx. 7" long x 1 1/4" wide overall
  • Works on wood, metal, plastic, glass and more
  • Ergonomic design is as easy to use as a ballpoint pen
  • Perfect for beginners and veteran crafters
  • Requires 2 AA batteries (not included)
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