Batter Dispenser



Elevate your baking and breakfast game with this innovative Batter Dispenser, designed to deliver the perfect pour every time. Whether you're a seasoned chef or a weekend pancake warrior, this tool will revolutionize how you handle batter. The precision of the dispenser ensures that from pancakes to cupcakes, each portion is measured out consistently—no more guesswork or mess!

This pancake dispenser takes convenience seriously; it's incredibly easy to use and equally simple to clean. Just fill it up with your favorite mix, squeeze the handle, and watch as it dispenses smoothly onto griddles or into bakeware. The drip-free opening means no wasted batter and countertops stay clean.

Crafted for durability and ease of handling, its lightweight design makes holding and operating the dispenser effortless—even kids can join in on the fun without any trouble! Plus, since control is at your fingertips (quite literally), creating shapes or filling intricate molds becomes an enjoyable task rather than a challenging chore.

For those who love making pastries but dread cleanup afterward—the dough dispenser feature comes in handy by minimizing spills. You'll find yourself using less utensils which translates into fewer dishes later on.

With this handy batter dispenser in your kitchen arsenal, preparing evenly cooked waffles, flawless muffins or any other delectable baked goods just got faster while ensuring minimal waste—a win-win for bakers everywhere!

  • Batter Pourer/Dispenser
  • Holds 4 cups
  • Features clear mL and cup measurement markings
  • Plastic
  • Hand wash
  • Measures 7 1/4" high x 4" diameter
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