Auto Dusting Gloves, 2-pair set


These microfiber dusting gloves automatically attract dust and dirt through a natural, positive static charge when you rub or scrub them over surfaces—making cleaning a breeze. Perfect for dusting and cleaning auto dashboards and interiors, the soft microfiber gloves get into those hard-to-reach areas in your vehicle, easily cleaning dust and debris without scratching surfaces. Great for your automobile, and handy for home cleaning, too … the versatile dusting gloves clean fine fragile areas like tablets, computer monitors, TV screens, smart phones, window blinds, plant leaves, bed frames, small collectibles and more. The set includes 2 pair of gloves in 2 different sizes for men and women. The gloves have the perfect amount of stretch, and elastic cuffs keep them comfortably in place while cleaning. Easily machine washable, these auto dusting gloves save you money on paper towels or cleaning solutions, and can be used again and again, making them good for your budget and the planet. Set includes 1 pair women's size microfiber duster gloves and 1 pair men's size gloves.
  • Microfiber dusting gloves automatically attract dust and dirt
  • Great for your cleaning your automobile and home
  • Elastic cuffs keep them comfortably in place
  • Easily machine washable
  • Good for your budget and the planet
  • Set includes 1 pair women's and 1 pair men's gloves
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