Assorted Fruit Flavor Slices, 24 oz.



Indulge in a burst of nostalgia with our Assorted Fruit Flavor Slices—a delightful treat that transports you back to simpler times. Featuring five delectable fruit flavors, these soft candies are shaped like juicy fruit wedges making them look as tempting as they taste!

Our candy fruit slices come in an irresistible assortment of cherry, orange, lemon, lime and grape flavors—each more delicious than the last! Crafted old-fashioned style in small batches—the quality is evident from the very first bite.

The vibrant colors make these sweet treats eye-catching while their scrumptious taste will have you reaching for another slice—they're truly hard to resist! Topped off with sparkling sugar—it’s an added touch that elevates every bite into a special experience.

Perfect for gifting serving or simply indulging on your own—our candy fruit wedges promise unmatched satisfaction. Whether it's a holiday celebration or just another day—you now have the perfect excuse to enjoy some fruity goodness!

Choose Miles Kimball's best candy fruit slices today—we guarantee premium quality products at unbeatable prices—an offer too sweet to pass up! Weighing 24 oz., there’s plenty of sweetness going around here!

  • Made the old-fashioned way in small batches
  • The nostalgic candy jelly favorites come in a classic assortment of cherry, orange, lemon, lime and grape flavors
  • Colorful and scrumptious, the fruit shaped candy is perfect for giving, serving and everyday indulging
  • 24 oz.
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