American Barn Star by Fox River™ Creations


Let your patriotic spirit be part of every outdoor display by hanging this American Flag star on a barn, patio wall, garage or anywhere it looks best. The barn star originated among American farmers as a good luck symbol that also shows their USA pride. Fox River™ Creations barn stars allow anyone to make this design part of their landscape, either as a centerpiece or accent.Available only at Miles Kimball, this patriotic metal barn star has the USA flag stars adorning the top left, with the rest of the points covered in red and white stripes. It’s designed with a rustic metal look while resisting future wear. At 18” long by 18” wide, our American Flag barn star is large enough for all passersby to see — especially when the sun or moonlight reflects and creates an old-fashioned glow. With affordable everyday prices, you can buy several barn stars and create a year-round tribute to the USA. We’re a one-stop shop for all your unique outdoor décor and unexpected finds.
  • Made with durable metal
  • 18" long x 18" wide
  • Includes hook for easy display
  • Patriotic design is perfect for your garden or home decor
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