50-ft. Multi-Purpose Polyester Rope, Set of 3


Secure patio furniture, outdoor tarps, and anything on the truck, boat, trailer or campsite with this strong, moisture-resistant polyester rope. The versatile, all-purpose rope is fray-resistant, offering a smoother glide than cotton rope, so it threads effortlessly through tarp grommets. Because it won't absorb water, this durable outdoor rope stays strong in a rainstorm and buoyant in a lake or river, making it ideal for boating and fishing activities. The versatile, hardworking rope boasts tough 3-ply construction, ensuring dependable fastening under stress, and can be knotted, tied and untied repeatedly without fraying or showing wear and tear. Set includes 3 skeins of braided polyester rope (50-ft.each). Assorted colors; we'll choose for you.
  • Secure patio furniture, outdoor tarps, and anything on the trailer
  • Moisture-resistant polyester rope
  • Fray-resistant for a smoother glide than cotton rope
  • Boasts tough 3-ply construction
  • Set of 3 skeins of rope (50-ft.each)
  • Assorted colors, we'll choose for you
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