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  1. Personalized Pewter Birthstone Snowman Ornament-343050 Personalized Pewter Birthstone Snowman Ornament-343050
    24 Options Available

  2. Personalized Birthstone Bell Ornament-360615 Personalized Birthstone Bell Ornament-360615
    24 Options Available

  3. Personalized Angel with Heart Birthstone Ornament-311519 Personalized Angel with Heart Birthstone Ornament-311519
    24 Options Available

  4. Personalized Birthstone Angel Pewter Ornament-360587 Personalized Birthstone Angel Pewter Ornament-360587
    24 Options Available

  5. Personalized Birthstone Snowflake Pewter Ornament-360373 Personalized Birthstone Snowflake Pewter Ornament-360373
    24 Options Available

  6. Personalized Birthstone Angel Ornament-343000 Personalized Birthstone Angel Ornament-343000
    24 Options Available

  7. Personalized Reindeer Birthstone Ornament-353089 Personalized Reindeer Birthstone Ornament-353089
    24 Options Available

  8. Personalized Birthstone Star Ornament-352826 Personalized Birthstone Star Ornament-352826
    24 Options Available

  9. Personalized Birthstone Glitter Stocking Ornament-356452 Personalized Birthstone Glitter Stocking Ornament-356452
    12 Options Available


Christmas Ornaments Personalized for You

Welcome to Miles Kimball’s Ornament Land, where we make it super-simple for you to find and customize magical ornaments that you’ll be proud to display front and center on your Christmas tree. This holiday season is guaranteed to be even more merry and bright with a colorful new ornament from Miles Kimball’s ornament shop. These delightful, personalized ornaments are the perfect way to mark a special moment in your life, and their eye-catching designs will add glimmer and style to your collection of Christmas tree decorations.

Bring Joy to Holiday Decorating

Year after year, relive some of your fondest memories with custom ornaments from our beautiful collection. Nothing brings on the holiday spirit like unwrapping that one-of-a-kind creation that commemorates a heartfelt moment in your life. With our personalized Christmas ornaments, you can celebrate the birth of a child, a marriage or a particularly memorable event that occurred the previous year with one of our thousands of beautiful designs. They are made from premium materials, including high-quality metals and durable resin, so they are sure to last the test of time.

Order a personalized piece each year and create a Christmas tree full of memories. Many of our customers make a Miles Kimball personalized Christmas ornament a gift-giving holiday tradition; their families look forward to seeing what new ornaments they will receive!

Personalized Ornaments for Any Occasion

Whether you’re searching for the perfect personalized Christmas ornament or a custom graduation or wedding gift, you’ll find it all here at Miles Kimball. We have customizable ornaments that reflect just about any interest or hobby. Choose from religious symbols, animals, birthstones, snowmen, cheerleaders and baby’s first Christmas ornaments. Commemorate engagements, family vacations, pets, wedding anniversaries, sporting events and championship competitions, too! With the selection of personalized ornaments available at Miles Kimball, you can make any event even more special.

Personalized Ornaments for Christmas in Every Style

Shopping for personalized Christmas ornaments with us is sure to be a fun experience. Why? Because we offer such a wide variety of ornament styles that appeal to every kind of personality and commemorative occasion. You can find ornaments that look like polished bells, whimsical character ornaments and even those that appeal to special interests and hobbies. 

We enjoy creating all sorts of unique and memorable Miles Kimball Christmas ornaments for our customers, which is why you can always find a wide variety of sizes, shapes and styles. For first communions or baptisms, choose our etched glass ornaments. For fun, whimsical designs, our colorful resin ornaments are sure to delight. Solid pewter ornaments add sparkle and shine to your holiday tree and a personalized touch to your gift-giving.

Our personalized ball Christmas ornaments are a customer favorite. They can be customized with a photo of your friends and family or even your dog or cat. Year after year, it's our bell designs that stay at the top of Santa's wish list. They come in a variety of colors and themes, and feature beautifully engraved personalization details.

Whether it’s for a personalized gift or to trim a package by adding that personal touch to the wrapping paper, you’ll love all our colorful designs and styles of personalized ornaments for Christmas.

Memorialize Loved Ones and Pets

Among our selection are Christmas ornaments that can be personalized with the name of a beloved family member, friend or pet who is no longer with you to celebrate the holidays. We offer a wide range of personalized Christmas ornaments designated as memorial ornaments. We also offer religious and patriotic ornaments that can become loving tributes. However, you can also go beyond these designs to find just the right ornament that best represents your loved one.

Custom Holiday Ornaments for Every Budget

We offer a wide assortment of beautifully crafted Miles Kimball ornaments for you to add to your collection of personalized Christmas decorations. We have personalized Christmas ornaments for every taste and for every budget. Order a brass, pewter or glass ornament in your choice of theme. We also carry collectible Christmas ornaments that can be personalized as treasured keepsakes. As you browse our large ornament collection, your chances of finding just what you need to make your holidays complete are excellent.

Shop online at your convenience and take advantage of our affordable prices that won’t bust your holiday budget. These high-quality Christmas ornaments are also available to order all year long, so even summer celebrations can become priceless holiday memories. Our Christmas tree ornaments are beautifully detailed with unique designs that are intended to bring out their richness. They are also easy to hang because all ornaments are outfitted with loops at the top for easy hanging using a hook, ribbon or some other means.

Unique, Keepsake Christmas Gifts

Personalized ornaments and unique, meaningful gifts don’t have to come at a premium. At Miles Kimball, we have a fantastic selection of unexpected, personalized Christmas tree decorations and customized items that are guaranteed to please this holiday season.

Give something affordable yet meaningful for your next holiday event, special occasion or even to celebrate a graduation. Our personalized Christmas ornaments make fantastic end-of-year gifts for teachers and students alike. These thoughtful, personalized treasures won’t break the bank, but they are going to show that you put time and effort into your gift selection.

Personalizing Christmas Since 1935

Since 1935, Miles Kimball has been bringing our customers delightful pieces and cherished keepsakes that can’t be found anywhere else. With thousands of options, you are sure to add joy and cheer to your Christmas décor. Personalization couldn’t be easier. When you’ve found the ornament of your choice, simply click on the “Personalize It” button and then follow the prompts. Of course, if you should need help, our top-rate customer service team is here to help. And if you have any questions about an item you see here, please reach out! We want you to be thrilled with your custom ornament.

When the holiday season is over, Miles Kimball delivers with useful storage and organization products, too! Keep those special personalized Christmas ornaments safe and organized with our Clear Ornament Chest, which features multi-layers of clear compartments that allow you to see the contents.

With nearly 90 years of experience in the specialty gift industry, we know what our customers like. Shop online and see why we’re the most trusted brand for unique gifts and unexpected finds.

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