The Peanut Shop Hot & Spicy Snack Mix


The Peanut Shop Hot & Spicy Snack Mix will fire up any occasion, keeping things crunchy with super-sized Virginia peanuts, hand roasted in small batches and lavishly seasoned with hot southern jalapeño spices. The Peanut Shop pulls out all the stops when it comes to spicy flavor with this unique, gourmet party mix, featuring their boldest Hot Southern roasted peanuts with jalapeño seasoning, savory snack sticks, roasted almonds and crunchy pumpkin seeds. A thoughtful gift for the welcoming host or spice enthusiast, a sizzling snack for poolside refreshment, and the perfect treat when you want something zesty, the Hot & Spicy flavored peanut snack mix has a legitimate kick that's deliciously satisfying … and best enjoyed with an ice cold beverage. Happy snacking! 9 oz.
  • 9 oz. of snack mix
  • Made with extra-large Virginia peanuts with savory snack sticks, roasted almonds and crunchy pumpkin seeds
  • handroasted in small batches with hot southern jalapeño spices
  • Perfect for serving during the holidays or any gathering
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