Stainless Steel Half-Gallon Carton Holder


Slip a half-gallon carton of milk or juice in this sleek stainless steel milk carton holder, and use its sturdy, easy-grip handle to grasp the carton firmly and pour with ease. A must for folks with weakened hands and joints or arthritis, this unique carton holder is also great for children, the elderly or anyone who wants a neat, easy way to pour a bulky half-gallon of their favorite beverage. Featuring fancy scrollwork for a touch of elegance, the stainless steel holder is perfect for using everyday as you pour milk over cereal, but it is also handsome enough to use while entertaining. Dishwasher safe. 4 1/4" sq. x 5 1/2" high; 7 1/2" high with milk carton handle.
  • Pour a half-gallon carton of milk or juice with ease
  • A must for folks with weakened hands and joints
  • Perfect for everyday use or entertaining
  • Dishwasher safe stainless steel
  • 4 1/4" sq. x 5 1/2" high, 7 1/2" high with handle
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