Solar Patriotic Lights


When the sun sets, our solar red, white and blue lights will be ready to shine over your landscape. Miles Kimball Patriotic Outdoor Lights feature unique raindrop-style bulbs with an offset height pattern to avoid clinking against each other. The bulbs run off a solar battery and panel, which take in the sun’s rays all day to build up power. As soon as dusk arrives, the patriotic lights automatically flip on to illuminate holiday events or a casual evening. Each 9’ long string has 20 bulbs to give outdoor spaces a warm glow.A set of patriotic solar-powered raindrop lights will transform the look and feel of a gathering — and they don’t cost a penny to operate. Hang them around patios and tents for accent lighting or wrap and twist the strings to create makeshift chandeliers. You can connect multiple light strands together for larger areas. Order unique red, white and blue string lights exclusively from Miles Kimball for anytime you want a 4th of July inspired outdoor decoration.
  • Solar-powered
  • Raindrop-shaped lights
  • Decorated in patriotic colors
  • 108" L string features 20 rain drop lights
  • Connect 2 or more strands for large areas
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