Pet Cave


Designed with a cozy zip-off dome, this soft, snuggly bed is like a pocket your pet can burrow into—providing cave-like security to help your pet rest while feeling safe and relaxed. Offering the comforting feeling of a warm hug, this luxurious bed is perfect for puppies and dog breeds naturally inclined to burrow or nest—and it offers a cozy place any dog or cat will love sleeping in. Featuring ultra-plush Sherpa lining with machine washable polyester/cotton cover, the 25" dia. pet bed can be used with or without top zippered dome. Surrounding your pampered pet in warmth and comfort, Pet Cave helps reduce anxiety and promote cozy, restful sleep.
  • Helps reduce pet anxiety and promote cozy, restful sleep
  • Designed with a cozy zip-off dome
  • A cozy place any dog or cat will love sleeping in
  • Features ultra-plush Sherpa lining
  • Machine washable polyester/cotton cover
  • 25" dia.
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