Personalized Penguins in Ugly Sweaters Ornament



Celebrate your family’s ugly Christmas sweater tradition with our Personalized Ugly Sweater Penguins Christmas Ornament from Miles Kimball! We just can’t get enough of this sweet-‘n-silly ugly sweater ornament that features an adorable penguin family, each of which is sporting the sweater of their choice along with a glitter-accented red Santa hat. They’re gathered around a sparkly, decorated Christmas tree with a star that features the year and multi-colored ball ornaments.

Customize this ornament with your preferred number of family members — from two to six — and add a name of your choice on each hat, one line per hat that’s up to eight spaces/characters. The banner at the bottom can be personalized with up to 22 letters/spaces. Our charming penguin ornament makes a great gift!

This item is not eligible for additional discounts at the order level.
  • Celebrate the ugly sweater tradition with this Penguins in Ugly Sweaters Ornament – This ornament is a cute, fun way to celebrate siblings, cousins, book club, knitting circle, car pool, longtime friends and more
  • Each ornament comes ready to hang on your Christmas tree with a red satin hanging ribbon
  • Make this gift a keepsake your recipient will always cherish by allowing us to customize our “Personalized Penguins in Ugly Sweaters Ornament”. – We’ll add first names to all Santa hats, the year on the tree topper as well as a family name or phrase to the banner
  • Makes a great stocking stuffer or small gift – Sizes vary for each number of penguins. 2 Penguins – 4 in. high by 4 in. wide. 3 Penguins -4 ¼ in. high by 4 ¼ in. wide
  • Crafted of resin
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