Metal Patriotic Boy and Girl by Fox River™ Creations


Add some fun to your patriotic holiday display with our young Uncle Sam and Statue of Liberty lawn stakes exclusively by Fox River™ Creations. Instead of the traditional mature man and woman, these yard decorations feature a young boy and girl donning the iconic outfits. Both are smiling with pride as the boyish Uncle Sam waves a plastic American flag (included) and Young Lady Liberty holds her torch and tablet. Both figurines are made of 100% metal and hand-painted with creative touches such as Lady Liberty’s sash being a United States flag.You’ll the right mix of patriotic pride and adorable cuteness in our boy and girl lawn statues. Both stand 29” high with the included two-prong stake, and the three-piece design is easy for anyone to put together. Both kids and adults will love how they look — so much so you might leave them up long after Independence Day. Miles Kimball has the best selection of unique patriotic yard stakes and other whimsical outdoor décor at affordable prices.
  • 100% metal
  • Each 29" high with stake
  • Handpainted
  • Easy assembly
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