Marbled Vinyl Elasticized Table Cover



Introducing the Marbled Vinyl Elasticized Table Cover, a stunning addition to your dining decor. This table cover, available at Miles Kimball, is designed with a stylish faux marble pattern that adds a touch of sophistication to any table setting. Crafted from moisture-resistant, flannel-backed vinyl, it offers both functionality and durability.

The elasticized edges of this table cover ensure a snug and secure fit without any overhang or wrinkles, providing a seamless look. Whether you're hosting a gathering indoors or enjoying a picnic outdoors, this table cover is perfect for both settings. Cleaning is a breeze – simply wipe it clean and it's ready to use again.

Not only does the Marbled Vinyl Elasticized Table Cover add charm and elegance to your dining experience, but it also eliminates the hassle of dealing with windy conditions during outdoor dining. The no-mess, wipe-off design makes it ideal for indoor use as well, especially for craft projects.

Choose the perfect size for your table with options available for small round tables (diameters of 40" to 44"), large round tables (diameters of 45" to 56"), and oval tables (up to 42" x 68"). Don't miss out on this imported table cover that combines style, convenience, and durability, creating a delightful dining atmosphere for any occasion. Shop today and add this Marbled Vinyl Elasticized Table Cover to your collection today.

  • Three size options
  • Stylish look of real marble
  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor use
  • Stay-put elasticized edges
  • Soft fleece backing
  • Easy-to-clean vinyl surface
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