Little Blessings Children's Books, Set of 5


Beautiful words and so much more, this 5-book children's book set's gentle stories teach little ones about faith, family and virtues like forgiveness and sharing. In Sharing and Caring, a day at the beach helps Charlie Cheetah learn about sharing with his brother and his friends. In All God's Creatures, Belinda Bunny's grandma reminds her that God loves all of us. In The Bible Tells Me So, Rebecca Raccoon learns about loving her neighbor and remembering to pray. Rory Rhino and his buddies praise God through song in Make a Joyful Noise. Siblings Pippa and Patrick Puppy enjoy saying good night prayers in the bedtime tale Good Night, God. All 5 Little Blessings books feature colorful illustrations and simple, relatable stories to engage little learners — inspiring precious moments shared, as the simple joy of reading helps kids learn about God and faith. A thoughtful gift for holidays, birthdays or any occasion, Little Blessings story books are the perfect little size to enjoy at home or on the go. Set of 5 softcover books. Each, 16 pages. 6" x 5 1/2".
  • Share the simple joy of reading and help kids learn about faith
  • A thoughtful gift for holidays, birthdays or any occasion
  • Perfect size to enjoy at home or on the go
  • Set of 5 softcover books
  • Each, 16 pages
  • 6" x 5 1/2"
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