Just The Fun Part Waffle Cones


These bite-size waffle cones deliver big flavor, sweet goodness and pure fun—filled with smooth dark chocolate, creamy white chocolate or luscious milk chocolate. The dark chocolate filled bites are effortlessly smooth, made with the finest quality of cocoa, and guaranteed to keep you wanting more. The white chocolate filled bites boast a sophisticated Belgian variety of smooth white chocolate, made with the best cocoa butter for a delicate flavor that always enhances, never overpowers. The milk chocolate filled waffle cone bites are made with only the most ethically sourced, impeccable quality of rich cocoa, fresh dairy milk and premium cream. All three flavors combine with crisp, bakery-fresh mini waffle cones for a taste, texture and crunch that's silky, luxurious and deliciously addictive. An excellent addition to a morning cup of coffee or any time you're craving a rich, satisfying treat, this ice cream cone candy is a bite-sized treasure to share as gifts, serve to guests, or indulge in daily! 4.23 oz.
This item is not eligible for additional discounts at the order level.
  • Bite-size waffle cones deliver pure fun with a chocolate filling
  • Crisp, bakery-fresh mini waffle cones
  • An excellent addition to a morning cup of coffee
  • Share as gifts, serve to guests, or indulge in daily
  • 4.23 oz.
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