Confetti Treads™ Safety Socks



Safety first. Prevent falls with the right kind of footwear, specially designed for slip and fall prevention. Confetti Treads™ is trusted by hospitals for risk management because of its consistent, high-quality product. These safety socks offer the best non-slip protection, thanks to their unique, exclusive 360° treads that grip to floors. These grippy socks are made from ultra-soft fibers that will help keep the chill out of your toes. These Confetti Treads safety sock products are available in a classic crew cut style and in three colors: red, yellow and green. These safety socks are ideal to purchase for an elder parent. They're also ideal when additional surety on your feet is needed, such as at home after-surgery recovery, for disabled individuals or for family members who may be impaired after a stroke.

Made in several sizes to accommodate many, many men's and women's sizes, you'll appreciate both the price and the practicality of these safety socks from your friends at Confetti Treads. Don't miss our great selection of other socks and hosiery items at Miles Kimball, where you'll find unique, hard-to-find clothing — many which are exclusive to our store.

  • Confetti Treads™ Safety Socks
  • Red, yellow or green
  • Available in M, L, XL and 2XL
  • M: Fits women's size 7 and under
  • men's size 6 and under
  • L: Fits women's 7 1/2 through 9
  • men's 6 though 7 1/2
  • XL: Fits women's 9 1/2 through 11
  • men's 8 through 9 1/2
  • 2XL: Fits women's 11 1/2 through 13
  • men's 10 through 11 1/2
  • 80% cotton, 19% nylon, 1 % elastic
  • 360° grippy treads
  • Machine wash
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