Brain Games® Sticker-By-Number Great Outdoors Books



A unique spin on favorite "paint by number" quiet-time activities, these Brain Games® Sticker-by-Number Great Outdoor Books are a great way to boost creativity, hone those hand and eye coordination skills and give yourself a soothing activity that will help unwind, calm down and relax at the end of the day. Each book features a themed illustration that is divided into numbered spaces that correspond with peel-off stickers. It's as easy as choosing your design, locating and then peeling off the stickers, creating a full-colored image that is both rewarding and beautiful.

These Sticker-by-Number books are great for all ages. They're ideal to pack into quiet time backpacks for church, services and more to keep little hands busy. They're also perfect as stocking stuffers and gifts for older individuals that need a bit of a challenge that's not too tough. Choose between themed softcover books: Farm, Garden, Country or Forest. Each book has 28 pages with 7 images and 6 full-color sticker sheets. Shop these Brain Games activity books as well as our other Brain Games book selections available at Miles Kimball.

  • Brain Games Sticker-by-Numbers Outdoors Books: A unique spin on paint-by-number activities
  • Great for hand-eye coordination, focus and relaxation
  • Each softcover book is 28 pages and contains seven images and six sticker sheets
  • 8" W x 10" L
  • Ages 7 and up
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