Astounding Moving Plant Terrarium



This is one plant that you need to see to believe! Our Astounding Moving Plant Terrarium and Seed-Starter Kit includes everything needed to grow these amazing flowers, which react to cold, sound and light. Touch them and they’ll clam up to avoid your touch. They’ll also close when it is dark or when they experience a chilly breeze. These spectacular star-like DIY flowers are a wonder to kids and adults alike and will provide hours of educational fun.

They are perfect for a science classroom or as an at-home activity during school breaks.

Simply plant the included seeds in the nurturing terrarium, which includes the drainage, ventilation and light needed to sprout and thrive. You’ll enjoy watching as the sprouts peek up above the soil and develop into flowers.

Need a gift for a gardener or a child who is interested in science and nature? Look no further than this wonder-filled plant kit! Recipients are likely to have never seen such interesting specimens, which are sure to be conversation starters. The terrarium measures 9” long x 4 ½” wide x 6” high. Intended for ages three and up, this kit includes small parts.

  • Terrarium measures 9" long x 4 1/2" wide x 6" high
  • Plant kit designed for easy growing and educational fun
  • Plants move when touched or sense a loud noise
  • Grows star-like flowers in the spring
  • Ages 3 and up
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